Cantina Fontechiara

Vespolina is a red  wine grape that is planted in north east Piedmont. 

Our Vespolina, 100% Vespolina grapes, is a full body wine that is smooth, round and persistent.
 It is spicy with intense flavours of red fruit jam, toffee and white pepper. 

Nebbiolo (Italian), or Nebieul (Piedmontese) is a red wine grape variety predominantely associated with the Piedmont region where it makes the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) wines

of Barolo, Barbaresco, Gattinara and Ghemme. 

Where innovation joins tradition,
born a special wine able to excite,to amaze, passion flavored.

Fontechiara Wines
"Colline Novaresi

Our Rosé is made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes. 
We produce it using the same methods that our ancestors did, vinifying the Nebbiolo grapes like a white wine, which means fermentation without the skins.

Fontechiara is a small familiar winery located in the Northeast area of Piedmont which produces high quality red wines like the famous Nebbiolo and the ancient Vespolina
From 2014 the cellar has integrated the selection with the Nebbiolo Rosato
a rosé wine did vinifying the Nebbiolo grapes like a white wine.

In the vineyards where the environment is respected and biodiversity encouraged
the vines grow in a living soil, full of worms and bacteria.
This enables them to draw upon the optimum levels of minerals from the soil. 
In turn, these healthy vines develop better resistance to disease years to come.

In our vineyards each and every vine is carefully nurtured
We do grape thinnings in the summer to contain the yield that guarantees an higher quality.
All grapes of our wine are harvested by hand on a single day.
Then the grapes are gathered, carefully selected by sight and crushed immediately to avoid unwanted fermentation.

We follow the fermentation process with care and attention day by day in order

to maintain the wine quality properties.

We purposely produce only a limited number of bottles per year, 
that passes our strict quality control along the production chain.

We care about Quality