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Since 2018 Fontechiara has received the certification of "VINO VEGANO".

This is because it produces wines without any adjuvant or clarifying of animal origin such as casein, glue, bone paste, or gelatin. On the contrary, the wine is clarified by decantation, a traditional treatment, which is performed to clear the must without the use of clarifying agents. This treatment, which requires more time, is done by cooling the must at temperatures from 6 to 10°C

to reduce the solubility of the solid particles and therefore favor the precipitation of the impurities on the bottom.  

The wine is then poured into another tank to repeat the treatment until the impurities are exhausted. 

D.O.C. Colline Novaresi Quality Wines

​​Fontechiara is a small winery located in the Northeast area of Piedmont
which produces high quality red wines , faithful expressi​on of the territory as they are made with native local grapes 
like the famous Nebbiolo and the ancient Vespolina
We choose to make our wines with single grapes, thus our 100% Nebbiolo or Vespolina.

All our wines are "D.O.C. Colline Novaresi"

Our vineyards are farmed with natural methods
We strongly believe that making wine from grapes growns without recourse 
to chemicals is better, both for the planet and for the wine drinker because all of these things can damage the soil, the plant
and can end up in the wine as residues. 

Our vineyards are planted in the foothills of the Alps. 
They are situated in Bogogno, amongst the foothills, facing southeast and are planted on a lightly acid terrain. 

 Within a few kilometres of our hills, at 350 metres above sea level, you'll find two lakes, 
Lago Maggiore and Lago d'Orta, which influence the local climate. 

Though Fontechiara is fairly young it has grabbed the attention of the local community

and often is chosen by the local government to represent the area and its wines in the mission to foreign countries. 

​" ... but I believe that much happiness belongs to men

who born where there are good wines "

- Leonardo da Vinci -