"​Dove innovazione e tradizione si incontrano

nasce un vino capace di emozionare, di stupire,

al sentore di passione "

​Ruby red, tending to garnet with shades of orange, this is a well-structured, age-worthy and richly-scented wines. 
Its perfume is intense and elegant, with hints of plum and violet and spices,  with recognizable hints of berries and mushrooms, enriched by notes of tar with ageing. 
An important and austere wine on the palate, it is full-bodied, warm and tannic with a long aromatic finish

and pairs well with red meats, roats and game, as well as mature and piquant cheeses.
It is also used in the preparation of local specialities such as tapulone, traditional stews and homemade sausages.

Maturation: late ripening variety, mid to late October
Alcohol Content: 13,5 % vol.
Characteristics: garnet red with intense aromas
Growing area: Northern Piedmont - Novara
Pairs well with: red meats, roasts, game, cheese
Recommended Glass: broad-bowled, stemmed
Serving Temperature: 18-20 °C
Harvest: second fortnight of October
Ageing: oak barrels 

" Il Nonno"

Colline Novaresi Rosso D.O.C.