In the location of Cantina Fontechiara we offer a new and enjoyable experience!

A professional pizza maker will reveal tricks of the trade and he will involve the guests in the various stages of pizza and focaccia dough preparation: choice of the various flours, preparation of dough and leavening.

Guests will be directly involved with aprons and they personally knead flour and water until to get pizza dough!

Recommended for a minimum of 10 up to a maximum of 35 people.
Availability of translation in English.

This experience is proposed in addition to visiting the winery and tasting our DOC wines as detailed below:


Visit to the winery during that methods of cultivation of the vineyards and the techniques of vinification

and aging of the wines will be illustrated.
The visit lasts about ½ hours.


Guests are then seated for the tasting of our wines in combination with salami, cheeses, local products, all fresh, artisanal

and km0, and the pizzas made by pizza maker.
There are no limitations in the number of wine glasses offered, which are served at the guests convenience.

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Wine Tasting

Winery Tour

"Let's Make Pizza"

... the Team Building with hands in dough!