"​Dove innovazione e tradizione si incontrano

nasce un vino capace di emozionare, di stupire,

al sentore di passione "

Colline Novaresi Rosato D.O.C.


​"Vegan Wine Certificated"

" la Nonna"

​In this area, the "Terzoi", the peasants or tenant farmers who worked the vineyards 
of the landowners for one-third of the harvest as recompense, had always made a light-bodied rosé wine.

It is typically destined for the tables of the nobility and clergy, as it was considered a most excellent product, and before serving it was left to chill for a few hours in the "ghiacciaia" 
or ice-house, yesterday's refrigerator.

Respecting this tradition, we produce our rosé today using the same methods that our ancestors did,vinifying the Nebbiolo grapes like like a white wine, which means fermentation 
without the skins.
The result is rosé, which is then very lightly filtered before bottling.
Our rosé is made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes. 

Pale pink with shades of copper, it has an intense, fresh and fruity nose with the scent of red berries and spices,

typical of Nebbiolo.
Its remarkable freshness on the palate makes it the perfect accompaniment to appetizers, 
fish or a light summer lunch. Best served chilled.