Colline Novaresi Vespolina D.O.C.

​100% Vespolina

Technical Details

Color, Perfumes and Tastes


Intense ruby red with vinous, fruity nose, dry and balanced with aromatic persistence, 
Vespolina is used in the preparation of meat-based dishes and pairs well with risotto,

roasts and braised meats.

Historical Notes: cultivated since the 18th century in the province of Novara, it is also known

by its Latin name "vitis vinifera circumpadana", which covers all the varieties "unghette"

of the grape grown in Vercelli,

Novara and Alessandria Provinces and Oltrepò Pavese. 

It is an ancient variety that has traditionally been used with Nebbiolo to add color,

softness and roundness to the wines.

Areas of cultivation

In limited areas of Piedmont and Lombardy.

Characteristics of the grape

Small, pentagonal, five-lobed leaf with pale green upper face; medium-sized, fairly compact, elongated, cylindrical-conical or truncated cone clusters,  with one wing usually well differentiated and more developed; medium-size dark blue vergin on black berry, similar to a small olive size, smooth, with thin, slightly waxy skin. 
Vine-reduced vigor produces wines with notable aromatic intensity and complexity. 

Grapes are carefully selected and left to macerate for about 10 days at controlled temperatures.
A prolonged period in steel is followed by ageing in oak barrels until bottling.


100% Vespolina


Late September

Alcohol Content

13% vol.


Bright red, vinous and fruity

Growing Area

Bogogno (Novara)

Pairs well with

Red, white meat

and traditional Novara dishes

Serving Temperature

18-20 °C


Oak barrels